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How the Internet is Changing the Way We Think

            Everyday we see people spending more time online. That time that they are spending online is not always necessary, For example young age are more often online than their parents, but why? Most of the times they are in Facebook or even playing online games. Kids are more online then anyone else because schools this days are getting more and more affected by the internet, you can see by going into a history class room. Teachers used to tell students to look up information in the books. But in this days teachers are given ulrs( websites ) to the students so they can look up information. Every information we look for we are told to go online. This is happening because of the existence of the internet.
             I can see that we are been affected by peoples routines. I should know that because I'm online every single day, and the internet for me is not a tool, but a privilege because I use this privilege to look at my emails, to talk to distant relatives, to play my online games, to stay informed of everything going on around the world. So I think we are all affected because somehow we are all connected to it some hour in the day. People are more connected because is a faster communication with the world, before we used to receive "letters" in the mailbox and that would take some days or if was going far away even months, but now we all receive "emails" in minutes or even in seconds. Another cause if to be touch to whatever is happening out there as News and Games Scores. People have their smartphones what makes even faster, because they can move around with the information or receive their information through their phones.
             Is amazing because the information is a click away, all you got to do is type in whatever you want search and find it All kinds of Facts or News are right there in front of you. But if you look at this and think about it is really making us more knowledge. You can also build a ability to work your life around through the internet as paying your bills, shopping, or even connect with your family and friends that you have around the world.

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