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Further Developing Intelligent Machines

            Nowadays, our world has become more and more machine-based, people seem to be very dependent on intelligent machines. Indeed, most of us cannot live without our cell-phones, and what they can help us get done. There are even robots that can do basic housework. Even though as we develop more and more intelligent machines, we might lose our humanity, the foundation of our community, I believe we cannot undermine the significant role machines have played in our daily life and in scientific development.
             One of the reasons why scientists are obsessed with machines is that they are definitely an enlightening input to our life. As they are helpful and efficient, and can replace tiring workers to do the most challenging tasks. More importantly, just as Perspective Two mentions, they are better than human at extremely precise jobs and seldom make mistakes. Moreover, unlike factory workers, they do not need to be motivated to do a good job. Ever since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, machines have been adopted and used in tons of companies in the manufacturing industry, from the machines that were used to sew clothes, to the machinery today which can turn a pile of steel into a car in just a couple of hours. Intelligent machines are what make consumer goods that we use in our daily life. It is almost undeniable that, intelligent machines are indispensable to the modern society. .
             Another reason for intelligent machines to exist is that they push humans and machines toward a new world with unpredictable possibilities and endless amazing ideas and innovations, just as Perspective Three states. One of the most controversial issues today is about the development of artificial intelligence, take it as an example, if artificial intelligence has been developed to its full potential, our world would enter a new age, with machines that can have human feelings. In the movie Chappie, robot Chappie learned to act like humans through socialization and later discovered a way to link human consciousness to robots to keep human consciousness forever.

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