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Prototypes of Design Innovation

            In the pursuit of success, having ideas is simply not enough, one must be able to formulate those ideas within reality in order to be truly successful. In this chapter, the writer explains the mode referred to as 'realize offerings,' which consists of mainly five mindsets. To begin with, there is the mindset of reiterating prototypes. The concept of prototypes can be defined as transforming a vague, intangible idea into one that has shape and form. There are numerous prototypes as they are repeatedly created in the innovation process. By doing so, it refines itself over time from an abstract model to a more improved version. For instance, the Wright brothers manufactured a number of prototype gliders as part of their effort to invent the airplane. Consequently, with the reiteration of prototypes, one can formulate an idea for successful demonstration just as the Wright brothers did.
             The second mindset is evaluating in reality. There is a need to prove the prototypes' validity through testing. All prototypes go through an extended process of trial and error for optimization. However, it is crucial to acknowledge failure and seek to learn upon it for the sake of improvement. An example of this mindset would be McDonalds with its Innovation Center that evaluates new concepts. Due to its flexible interior system, it can quickly assess new ideas and implement them. Thirdly, defining strategies is the next mindset of realizing offerings. One must scrutinize various factors, weighing each one to see which is the most beneficial. The key question in constructing strategies is where to play. This question strives to nurture a broader picture, which subsequently encourages open-minded thinking in design concepts. Hence, this mindset primarily underlines the application of design concepts as the foundation for perceiving organizational guidelines. To provide context, the case of TOMS Shoes Company can be provided.

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