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The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelly

            The Art of Innovation written by Tom Kelly is one of the bestselling books in the United States. The first edition of this book was published on January 16,2001 by Crown Business Publication. As this book can be found in most the places under the business section, this book has helped thousands of people. As all the seventeen chapters convey different, but related matter, where a reader can chose to increase his knowledge from a specific chapter only. The writer's goal to create an experience which will be vital for a customer which in turn will help the lead users determine good product and service innovations stem from the product's user was very profounding. .
             IDEO, a firm founded by brother of Tom Kelly was joined by him, which in a way inspired Tom to spread his knowledge. There is a huge importance of innovative organization which survives and thrives the ever changing market. A collaborative effort example of Tiger Wood and his coach on his swing was also discussed. Understanding the market, observing real people, visualizing new to the world concepts, evaluating and refining the prototypes and implementing it is the famous IDEO method. How David Kelley decided to start a company instead of pursuing a Ph.D, which led to the foundation of IDEO. Talking about innovation, one should keep concentrated observation on clients to investigate their interaction. One should go out and watch people's behaviour without relying on a focus group, one should know there is no dumb or naive questions, one should not be afraid to cross pollinate ideas. Innovation really begins with an eye, so one should be a very good observer too. Brainstorm is one of the most efficient and traditional way of creating or merging new ideas/concept. Brainstorm in IDEO is more observed and more serious as they tend to improve their ideas with their experience. Sharpening the focus, Playful rules, numbering the ideas, building and jumping, writing on walls and tables etc, stretching ones' mental muscles and getting physical are some of the ways one can improve Brainstorm.

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