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Capitalism in G'ming by Kathy Page

            Kathy Page's short story "G'ming" is about capitalist myths and their effects on people. Without knowing, the characters of the story are subtly influenced by certain social classes myths. these influences happen smoothly and they are not easily spottable. However, looking closer into the beginning of the story where Aeui helps the tourists couple, it is understandable that the dissatisfaction of Aeui and the tourists, despite the fact that they both finally achieved their goal, is a result of bourgeois and proletarian myths's influence on the characters. These influences on the character's behaviours strongly suggest that capitalist myths alienate people and are destructive to their relationships. .
             Aeui, the 16 year old main character of the story, is a symbol of lower class society. In contrast, The tourists visiting G'ming, represent bourgeois. Capitalist society purposely creates certain myths among people to achieve certain goals. This effect on people occurs extremely subtle and smooth so that it usually passes without their knowledge. G'ming's main character is a victim of this incident. In the beginning of the story when Aeui approaches the tourists as a local guide, the narrator places the focus on the nature of their interactions. By doing so, the narrator reveals the character's stereotypical perceptions of one another. Aeui has a general mental image of the tourists based on their social status. He thinks that the tourists don't deserve to walk around his village for free just because they have extra money in their pocket. "Do they truly expect to come here for nothing?"(11). Aeui's negative image on tourists is also noticeable when he approaches the blonde lady to help carry her luggage. He chooses a longer .
             path in order to receive more money but, the tourist's generosity causes Aeui to repent his move: "I realize then that I need not have taken the long way" (17).

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