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Hopes and Dreams in Never Let Me Go

            We all have entered this world not knowing our purpose in life. However, most of us are blessed with the opportunity to choose what we will like to do with our lives. We are brought up in different environments, exposed to different situations and are accustomed to different styles of living. In a world where our parents/guardians or family members are our main teachers and role models, it is hard to cooperate without them. Can you imagine a place where you do not have a "say so" in what you want to accomplish in life, a place where you feel trapped and confused or a place where your family is not by your side?.
             In "Never Let Me Go", Kazuo Ishiguro takes us to a part of time where for most of us is unfamiliar. The characters and their life stories are quite peculiar. As I began to read the book, it automatically stops me in my path. While reading the first few pages, I come about a few interesting words and places. Just as I stop and ask myself, what is Halisham? What are donors and what are carers? I immediately pick back up my book to read. It is in my favor that I read this book from beginning to end. I am able to dissect and explain this masterpiece accompany by my opinions. .
             Throughout the novel, Halisham continues to interests me. The first occurrence of the word comes about on page four. It states, "Kathy H., they say, she gets to pick and choose, and she always chooses her own kind: people from Halisham, or one of the other privileged estates. No wonder why she has a great record."(pg.4). An estate? Halisham is merely more than just a school or orphanage as I thought. Seeing what Halisham really is, I have a feeling of the children being trapped and confined. The children are being taught and raised there and they do not leave the premises. They do not have any clue about what is transpiring in the world nor do they experience anything outside of the estate.

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