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Willpower and the American Dream

            The American dream is similar for many people. Many American dreams are based around wealth and family. Most people want large houses, nice cars, and good jobs. They also want a perfect family that loves and respects them. My American dream is very similar to this in regard to having almost a perfect life style. In ten years I would like to see myself in a tropical climate either near a beach in Florida or California where the temperature doesn't range far from the eighties year round. I would like to see myself as the manager of a beautiful hotel and resort on a beach. I hope to have a lavish house and a family with a beautiful wife and two lovely kids. I want to own a very nice jeep wrangler or some type of sports car, or even both. I also hope to have my pilot's license and maybe even own a small plane. .
             How I plan to achieve this dream is first by getting my education and graduating from Western Kentucky University. Next would be to apply to jobs down in Florida or somewhere near there and work my way to the top as manager of a large hotel or resort. On the road to achieve this dream there will also be many challenges to face. First being that achieving a college education can be difficult and strenuous at times. Finding a job in today's market can also be a challenging endeavor. Although these confrontations seem hard, I plan to attack these head-on and not let them slow me down at achieving my American dream. .
             In the Declaration of Independence, it was written that people in America have the unalienable rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." This being said, it states that all humans have the free right to their life, their liberty, and happiness if they wish to purse it. They are saying that everyone has the ability to achieve their own "American dream," it is only if they choose to go after it or not. A key word, "pursuit," is used in the quote and is stating that no one is going to be given the American dream - you have to go out and get it yourself, meaning that the American dream is not dead and will never be dead as long as people stay focused on achieving their American dreams.

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