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Arguments on Consumption of GMO's

            In recent discussions of genetically modified food, a controversial issue has been whether genetically modified food should be labeled or not. On one hand, some argued that genetically modified should not be labeled because it will only bring fear into the consumer's mind, and there are no results stating that genetically modified food are dangerous. On the other hand, however, others argued that genetically modified food should be labeled because consumers have the right to know what is in their food and that it can possibly cause harm to the consumer health. In sum, then the issues is whether to label genetically modified food or not. Therefore, American consumers should demand that a law be passed that requires genetically modified food to be labeled so that they can avoid eating genetically modified food. .
             Genetically modified organisms are plant or meat products that been alter in a lab with genes from other plants, viruses, or bacteria in order to produce more food. Many of the foods we currently eat and feed our families are genetically modified, such as foods that contain corns, potatoes, tomatoes, soybeans, and rices. However, without labeling we do not know which foods are genetically modified. Genetically modified food were purposely used to help people that are starving around the world, due to the increase in the food productions that genetically modified food have created. However, these changes towards the crops have caused an increase in health problems for consumers, varying from food allergies to damage in animal's organs. With this solution it will also be easier to look up the health risk of the foods we consumed. .
             Some consumers believe that throughout their life they have never consumer genetically modified food before. Could consumer be eating genetically modified corn and not even know it? There is a high chance that this situation is possible since Monsanto's corn looks exactly like any natural grown corn.

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