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Falsifying Hospitality in the Odyssey

             I am still very sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident, although I am happy to hear that you are doing well and were able to fully read the Odyssey. I have heard that you really enjoyed the book and you were able to comprehend all that has happened in this book. As you must know then hospitality plays a key role in the Odyssey. Hospitality is a trait that is widely shown throughout the Odyssey as a pure act of generosity, however there are instances where hospitality is given or sometimes falsified by the host so that they can expect or make some sort of benefit.
             First and foremost we should start off with the positives of hospitality throughout the novel, and as you know there are countless examples. During Odysseus' ten-year journey after the war, he travels to many new places and lands where he was unknown, but when he arrives he is met with the hospitality that one would give a long-time friend. A clear example of this is when Odysseus arrives at the land of the Phaiakians, Nausikaa says, "Now since it is our land and our city that you have come to, you shall not lack for clothing nor anything else, of those gifts which should befall the unhappy suppliant on his arrival," and Nausikaa shows that without even knowing this stranger she is willing to provide him with anything he needs and then some (107). She instantly stops her attendants from what they are doing and orders them take care of Odysseus and provide him with anything that he needs; but if you thought their hospitality ended there you are wrong, it is only getting started. Odysseus is then taken through the house of the great Alkinoos, and when he finally reaches the king he collapses on his knees, still not knowing who he is Alkinoos greets this random stranger with baffling hospitality by kicking his own beloved son out of his seat and giving it to Odysseus so he can feast. As the day goes on he is still being referred to as a "stranger" and Odysseus is promised by the great king a safe return back home, even though they don't even know where this stranger lives.

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