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hospitality in the Odyssey

            In today's modern world it is not plausible to see someone do something polite or express hospitality to one another. There are numerous appalling and malicious people who do just the reverse. In the ancient Greek society, like the society present in the book "The Odyssey," hospitality is exactly what was anticipated from the people. You can say that hospitality is kindness and hospitality is an important part of Homer's "The Odyssey." .
             Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey" contains a reoccurring theme of hospitality. This is clear when Telemachos invites Mentes (the man that is actually Athena) into his home and welcomes him in a properly fashion. "Good day to you sir. You will be welcome in our house. Refresh yourself, and after you have eaten and drunk you shall say what you have come for."(Pg 13 & 14). Throughout the book people are welcoming strangers in their homes as family. When Theoclymenus approaches Telemachos and openly admits to having killed a man, Telemachos invites him on the ship and finds a place for him to stay in Ithaca. .
             Not everyone is a gracious guest in "The Odyssey." The suitors that have taken over Odysseus's home eat, drink, and destroy day after day. Penelopia and Telemachos can do nothing about this because of the tradition of hospitality. Odysseus exacts the ultimate revenge in the end by massacring all the suitors and anyone who aided them. Also the Phaeacians were perfect hosts to Odysseus, giving him food, drink, gifts, and a ride home and yet, Poseidon punishes them for being so hospitable by turning the ship to stone. Homer makes this injustice poignant by describing in detail the good will they heap upon Odysseus. .

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