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The Apology of Socrates by Plato

            In reading the Apology of Socrates we have a trial where Socrates was accused of not recognizing the gods and corrupting the youth with his teachings; Reading involves the defense of Socrates to the Court giving support to the word apology where we find the same word apology to close the context of self-defense, the defense of life. During the life of Socrates we find a constant defense of his philosophy which was to expose ignorance. Socrates always considered wise because he felt morally superior to the situation he admitted his ignorance and that understanding out of selfishness, is considered an intellectual superiority. Hence the search for the wisest, as described by Plato, his teacher was given the task to talk with those who claim to be the wisest of the city and found that every one of them think they know particularly with respect to their areas, which Socrates contradicts its philosophy based on the recognition that self knows nothing. To immerse myself in reading I found curious to consider other points of view on the basis of this judgment and found Memories of Socrates. Economic. Banquet. Xenophon where there are certain differences between Plato and he, I would like to highlight one of these differences. Plato considered supreme wisdom Socrates and Xenophon superior moral mind to admit that I knew nothing. Despite this difference both handle the idea of ​​his arrogance before the Court; to which the explanation I can find is based on the same ideology and knowledge it. His knowledge leads him to handle an attitude of arrogance to the Court, this is denoted in both texts of Plato and Xenophon where find an explanation based on both written: Socrates to have a very own philosophy, considers defend against all odds, and he considered that this philosophy was not created with the intent to cause damage or harm in any way. Feeling sure that his mission was considered divine, it reflected this same security even before the outcome of the case, death itself.

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