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College is Not a Scam

            The need for a college diploma has had a direct effect on the cost of a post-secondary education; as a result, today, more than ever, Americans spend a lot of money on their college degrees. However, an increasing number of critics are starting to question the overall need and value of a post-secondary diploma. Among these critics is John Stossel, who claims that "for many people, college is a scam." Overall, Stossel's argument is wrong for two reasons: First, many colleges offers different options for its students to help pay for their college. Second, the odd for students who graduate college can become more successful than students who doesn't graduate. .
             Most colleges in America offers different options for its student to help pay for their college. One options that most colleges offers are Financial aids, also known as FAFSA. Every students who apply to Fafsa will get awarded due to their parent income. For example, family who makes low income can get around $4000-$5700. In addition, the high income the family makes, the lower award they received from Fafsa. Fafsa also award students to pay for their college books and school supplies. Loans are another options that colleges offers to their students. Most colleges help guide their students to picking the best bank with the lowest interest to help their student pay for the college. Counselor in certain colleges are flexible to helping their students with taking a loans. If students don't want to take a lot of loans, they can also apply for scholarship. Scholarship can help pay for your college from a minimum of $1000 to a full college years. It's on the student to apply for how many scholarship they want. The more scholarship the students apply, the more money they received. There are million of scholarship that offer to help pay for students colleges, however it does not guarantee the student to get accepted to all the scholarship they apply.

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