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Sirens of Baghdad and The Attack by Yasmina Khadra

            Loss of identity, self realization and identity reconstruction are common themes found in both of the novels , Sirens of Baghdad and The Attack by Yasmina Khadra. These three stages are integral to our protagonist's notions of self conception, which both characters exhibit and demonstrate within the novels. Regaining one's loss of identity is important for the characters within both novels to undergo. This process causes them to think about who they are and what they are, as they no longer can relate to their past identities or former selves. The notion of identity reconstruction must occur for them to progress in life and for them to feel like they are who they thought they originally were.
             The first obstacle to overcome when experiencing an identity crisis is the loss of a person's perception of 'self'; usually occurring when catastrophic events have taken place. Identity or psychological identity is a person's capacity for self-reflection and awareness. An individual's identity is usually formed by important people in one's life, as well as life experiences which have had an influence on their lives. These links are very crucial in controlling an individual's behaviour or psychological state; it's what makes them who they are, it's their identity. Once these psychological links go missing or get broken due to life changing events, it in turn causes a gap or break-down in one's subconscious and makes them lose who the notion of who they once were. These types of identity crises are evident in both novels, The Attack and Sirens of Baghdad by Yasmina Khadra and Sirens of Baghdad. Within Sirens of Baghdad, the unnamed narrator has an established identity of that of a bright university student; whose father's pride means everything to him. His father is the link, or the connection, to his psychological state. The narrator thinks highly of his father and does not want to disappoint him in any way.

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