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O brother where art thou

             " O Brother Where Art Thou ".
             "O Brother Where Art Thou" it's a depression era musical laid on top of a chain gang escape film inspired at once by Homer's "The Odyssey". What is a epic? a long narrative poem in elevated style recounting the deeds of a legendary or historical hero . When comparing Everett and penny I found Everett's first name is Ulysses (the Roman equivalent of Odysseus), and his wife's name was Penny (short for Penelope, Odysseus' wife). As in the odyssey, the movie begins with an invocation to a muse. As in the Odyssey, the movie starts in the middle of things. The three have already escaped from prison, and we do not learn of the reasons of their imprisonment until they reveal it later. In the Odyssey, Odysseus is concerned with finding a way to return to his wife and family. In the movie, Ulysses initially appears to be on a quest for treasure. We then learn later that Ulysses is attempting to return to his wife and prevent her from marrying. The most obviously linked in the movie and the Odyssey are the Sirens , and the one eyed Cyclops. Other events which do not compare as strongly as the two events just mentioned include the prophesy by the blind soothsayer and the scene with "Baby face" George Nelson. Homer's Sirens are similar to the Sirens in the movie. In Homer's Sirens they bewitch him with a song and In O Brother Where Art Thou, the Sirens bewitch Pete with their song, making him stop the car and waded into the River. The most outstanding difference between Homer's account with the Sirens and the Coen Brothers" movie is that in the epic, Odysseus is the one who is tempted by the Sirens, where in the movie, Pete is the one attracted to the Sirens. .
             In the Odyssey, Odysseus comes encounter with Polypemus the one eyed Cyclops who takes four of his men and kills them.

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