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             This paper compares the Odyssey to O" Brother Where Art Thou. Even though Homer's Odyssey was written in Greek times, the movie O"Brother Where Art Thou has many similarities. .
             The Odyssey and O" Brother each start with an obstacle that keeps the main characters, Odysseus (Odyssey) and Everet (O"Brother), from their homes and their wives for many years. Odysseus is kept from home because he is fighting the war between Troy and Greece, and for Everet it's prison. When Odysseus escapes, from the war, and Everet escapes, from prison, they both try to return their homeland and their wives.
             Odysseus and Everet are blessed with meeting a blind prophet that tells them their journey but not what obstacles they will have to overcome. Odysseus first runs into a Cyclops that is the son of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, and when Odysseus barges in, the Cyclops eats 6 of his men. Everet though is traveling with only two other men, Pete and Delmar. When they barge in on Pete's cousin his cousin turns them into the police.
             Odysseus believes that the gods didn't help him by any means and Everet doesn't believe in gods at all. This lack of faith proves to be wrong for both men at the end of their voyages. Pete and Delmar get baptized and Everet gives them credit for being dumber than a sack of hammers. Just after this they meet a thrill seeker named George Nelson a.k.a. Baby Face Nelson. In the Odyssey, Odysseus runs into Aeolous the cousin of Poseidon says: "The sea is nothing without the wind." Aeolous just happened to be the god of the wind and gave Odysseus and his men a wind home and all the bad winds in a bag. I believe that George Nelson is comparable to Aeolous and the Sheriff is comparable to Poseidon. I also believe that the law is nothing without the crime, so George Nelson's conflict with the Sheriff is comparable to the conflict between Aeolous and Poseidon. .
             Odysseus and Everet both run into sorcerers.

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