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Maintaining and Protecting Marine Life

            Protecting marine mammals and other marine life is solely dependence on human efforts and conservation. Marine life is put in danger of humans every day and need rescuing to save them. In the United States there is a couple of laws that protects marine life, the Marine Mammal Act of 1972, The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act but this is only set in the United States. Anthropogenic effects are the ways humans interact in the world either good or bad. . Although we have laws and acts in this country to protect marine life, things like dumping, overfishing and disobeying boating safety for the environment is still going on. Then by advancing education and expanding the acts it can better protect marine life all over the world.
             Dumping hazardous waste in to the ocean has never help anything but keeping it out of sight, making it harder and worse for more things in the end. For some people a can of oil down the drain won't hurt anything unless it's down a kitchen sink, but always remember all drains lead to the ocean and every mistake has a consequence. .
             When people dump oil, garbage or anything not natural to the environment, it can cause ruthless out comes for everything living under it. For more liquid stuff like oil, gas and chemicals, fish and other marine creature can infected through biomagnification. Biomagnification is the process of the concentration of toxins in an organism as a result of its ingesting other plants or animals in which the toxins are more widely dispersed. When there is rain, pollutants get washed to the rivers then straight to the waterfalls or more locally go in to runoffs on the sides of the street in to drains that push them right out to the oceans, polluting marine life that kills corals, aquatic mammals, fishes, sea birds (that eat fish), sea snakes, crustaceans, amphibians, and reptiles (that eats fish and other sea creatures)┬átheir condition gets worse be caused the sickness they had either ingested or breathed in has entered their blood stream making them sick and harmful to eat for animals or people.

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