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The Illuminati - Past and Present

            Many of our nation's well-known presidents, late and more recent, are known to be Free Masons, and also members of the Illuminati. Illuminati founder, Adam Weishaupt, said that the Illuminati will in silence possess themselves of the government of the states (Howard). Weishaupt wanted this new society to make its way into our government for a reason. John F. Kennedy said in one of his speeches, "The very word secrecy is repentant in a free and open society, and we are as people, inheritantly and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and secret proceedings" ("Statue of Liberty"). Nevertheless, Kennedy was telling the world that there are governmental secrets and secret societies. Was he warning the world, or was he giving away one of his deepest secrets? That he was then a member of some secret society. Some believe this speech may have been the reason for his assassination. Other well-known and confirmed Illuminati members in addition to Free Masons include: our third president, Thomas Jefferson, vice presidents, Aaron Burr and George Clinton. Illuminati members are intelligent, and they have known how to make their way inside since the beginning. The Dan Brown book, Angels and Demons, shows the Illuminati were knowledgeable scientists and philosophers, like Galileo centuries ago (Storer). This secret cult found its way above the rest of the world long ago; its members remain hidden in our society and government today.Today, the Illuminati is noticed within popular culture, more so, the hip-hop music industry. Hip-hop artists are singing about the same topics and introducing our society to a new culture ("Illuminati: Hip-hop"). A popular rapper, Dwayne Carter, nicknamed, "Lil Wayne," demonstrates satanic worship throughout his music ("Illuminati: Hip-hop"). He raps, "When I look into the mirror in the morning, I don't see anything" ("Illuminati: Hip-hop").

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