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Koh Samui and the Gulf of Thailand

            Imagine walking on fine sand and feeling the war1m water of the Gulf of Thailand race up to your toes as you watch a beautiful orange sunset. Although many people love their summers in cities with fascinating skyscrapers, nothing beats a trip to the tropical paradise of Koh Samui that is known for "no worries" or no stress. Koh Samui, a Thai paradise on earth that exceeds the visitors' expectations at almost every level is one of the most visited islands in Thailand; it has an outstanding beauty with breathtaking surroundings. It makes a perfect place for a relaxing getaway for every budget or taste. A perfect vacation package always consists of choosing the most convenient and comfortable resort, planning for adventurous activities, taste the most delicious food. Koh Samui offers not only comfortable accommodations, but also a lovely atmosphere for eating with friends or family and terrific activities. Koh Samui is an amazing and exciting island to visit.
             Before people start planning a vacation, the first to consider important is the hotel or resort they're will be staying in. Booking a resort or a hotel in an island is easy to do, because once arriving there, getting efficient sleep won't be important (you'll know why later). Koh Samui provides the tourists with many selections upon hotels and resorts. It always depends on where the travelers feel comfortable the most, either convenient or luxurious. Speaking of luxurious, surrounded by tropical gardens Anantara Hotels and Resorts is considered as one of the best luxurious resorts where windsurfing, golf, and a spa are featured. It is rated as 4.9 out of 5 stars, what hotel can beat that? Anantara offers their guests variety of accommodations to choose, first there are the villas. Villas has a magical view, a vantage point that allows magnificent ocean views to be captured on eye and camera. They also have large infinity private pools where you can swim with no one to annoy you, and to enjoy the moment with a classical music in the background iPod docking stations are available.

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