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Children, Gender and Socialization

            It's usually believed that a person's personality is formed by genetics and shaped by his parents. After going to the store there are many indirect influences that we weren't aware of that changes the mindset of a child and their personalities. Certain concepts and roles are presented by the society as the norm that should be followed as if we all should fit in one mold. Molding is what toys does to children by categorizing them to their gender role.
             First of all, the moment I stepped into the store I automatically recognized the pink and blue lanes that separate the store into half. The "girls" lane was filled with flowery pink colors and majority of the toys in the girls section were dolls. The messages that were sent to the girls on most of the toys weren't "be strong" "be confident" no they were "be pretty" "be you" be unique!" "unleash the inner you" "diva" "glam" . Actually, I find it a bit ironic that they send all these motivational messages however; their toys are all the same figure white, pretty, silky hair, smiling , perfect teeth, pure face , tall, blonde, green eyes , lots of makeup , standing submissively. Moreover, I felt like the only things that girls are allowed to build are castles (of course with a beautiful princess), fashion stores and bakery. Most toys in this section proposed tea parties and playing house. Another thing that I identified is most of the toys were typically identical to one another, because the girls lane was composed of different types of dolls instead of different types of girl toys. The Packaging of the toys in the girls section were massively decorated with flowers and glittery things. This is apparently to captivate the little girls because since the whole lane is pink the toy's packaging must shine in the girl's face to get her attention. However, The dolls of Barbie took socialization to a whole new level. Technically Barbie is all about body image, make up sets "the real you!", "fabulous" life style, cooking, sewing, being a "bride", chef and pastry.

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