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Ethics Interview with a Registered Nurse

             Registered nurses are normally the clinicians who are expected to have taken their studies up to at least an associate degree in nursing. These practitioners are usually trained for about two years in such areas as medications, anatomy, and physiology as well as practical patient care. These professionals are also expected to pass the board exam that qualifies them to be accepted in their particular nations that they belong as well as the whole world at large. Moreover, they are also required to have a license from the board that governs their profession, (American Nurses Association, 2010).
             The registered nurses usually work under the supervision of the qualified physicians in the hospitals and are also assisted by the nurse assistants in those particular clinics. Nurse assistants are often considered of lower medical qualifications as compared to the registered nurses in the hospitals. According to my knowledge before the interview, a registered nurse profession gives them the ability to be mandated to supervise licensed practical nurses, assisting nurses, as well as the orderlies in any given clinic or hospital, (Clark, Cowan & Wortley, 2009).
             Moreover, I believed that according to the medical knowledge that registered nurses possess they are supposed to be in a position to make informed and sober decisions as far as any treatment is concerned. I also believed that registered nurses are the ones who perform direct operations or care to the patients regarding their illness or bad health of any kind including injuries and minor surgeries. The above mounted up to the information that I had before I interviewed the nurse for clarification and more information, (American Nurses Association, 2010).
             Interview .
             Ms. Cristina Ortiz is a registered nurse, who has been working at Paramount Urgent Care in Orlando, Florida for the past two and a half years. Since she graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in nursing eight years ago, she has been offering her medical services in hospitals, urgent care, and doctor offices.

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