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My Immigrant Family

            Three years ago I traveled over thousands of miles from my home country of Ghana and it was not easy.I left my already established life to start another life in this country. Me and my family had to drop our lives in our our home country to come to the United States. We left Ghana because the economy was getting worse and it was hard for people to get money. It was very hard on us when we first moved here . I felt really different when I started high school in Park center high school in Minnesota. I spoke differently and spelled most of my words differently too because Ghana is British colony so we speak and write British English. I felt like an alien most of the time but as I have lived in America for sometime. I have noticed that one of the things I am happy to have with me in America is my family. I love having my family here, If I didn't have my family in this country I would not have known what to do. Having my family here gives me a sense of security. I always have someone who can relate to what I am going through. Here are some of the reasons I love having my immigrant family here with me. .
             Being bilingual is one of the advantages we have. I can go home to my family after school and be able to speak my Ghanaian which is Twi. After spending hours in school, I can come home and be able to speak the language I was born with. I am not trying to say I don't like speaking English but, it is always good to have another language that you and your family can speak and have a conversation with.Also, having the same other language apart from English with my family gives us the ability to have a secret conversation in public. In a country in which you know a lot of people, having your immigrant family with you is the best thing you can have. I feel like I am not missing a lot of activities from Ghana. I have my grandma here who can cook us meals from Ghana such as ampesi which is my favourite and fufu.

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