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             "Back, but not home" is an article which was appeared on the New York Times. The passage told us the author, Maria Muniz, her own experiences as a new immigrant's homesick feeling of her original country and culture conflict in the new country.
             In her passage, she said: "Like all immigrants, my family and I have had to build a new life from almost nothing. It was often difficult, but I believe the struggle made us strong. Most of my memories made us strong." Maria moved to America when she was almost five years old with her family. They immigrated to the new country because of the years of fighting in Cuba. They left all their friends, relatives, house and career behind, with hoping to build a whole new life in a new country. But life was not easy, there were many things needed to overcome, such as language, food, job and education. Like Maria, when she went to kindergarten with only little English, she couldn't express herself to the others. One of little girl said that she was a stupid girl even can't talk. She was hurt deeply and became to be afraid to communicate with others. .
             I have the same experience as Maria's on my first day in America. When I went out the airport with my mother, I felt fear to live this city. All people on the street were strange, their spoken English too fast to hear clearly and all the streets looked different as my imagination before I arrived America. Actually, I had read about many books about America and had seen many movies produced by Hollywood. But there still were so many difference I was felt. That evening I turn on the television, the reporter was talking about the daily news, I could not understand even one sentence if there was no pictures. .
             I immigrated to America because my parents all lived here. I left China that I was lived there for about thirty years. There were so many good memories from my birth to be an adult. My friends, relatives and husband were all left behind, but I feel they are still near around me.

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