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            How have immigrants changed American culture? All throughout history millions of immigrants have flocked to America for many different reasons. Such as religions, foods, and languages help our country to become what it is. Over the years immigration has changed America by bringing over many different cultures.
             Everywhere you turn on Americas streets you see varieties of foods that originally came from foreign places. Although it may seem normal for Americans it's true. Because of this, our country has many different foods you can choose from. If it wasn't for immigrants we wouldn't have such a wide variety of foods.
             Many cities in America don't even speak English. Immigration has caused a lot of families to bring over there languages from there cultures. Most of them start there own businesses, go to school, or find jobs. Then Americans have to communicate with them, so our country over the years have developed classes, schools, or courses so we can learn there languages. That's why there are so many different languages in our culture.
             Nearly every religion in the world has adherents or organized institutions in the U.S. Immigrants bring over there religions from there .
             Birkhead pg. 3.
             countries, and practice them and build churches or temples. Because of this it gives Americans a choice to follow of practice whatever religion they want. A lot of these religions effect lifestyles and the way people act, causing it to change our culture.
             It seems that religion, foods, and languages have been a big part of our culture that was brought over by immigrants. Affecting the way people live, act, eat, work, and make money and so many others things. A lot of these things were made possible by all the freedoms of America attracting the immigrants to make our country what it is.

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