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The Puritans and Anne Hutchinson

            During the time of the Puritans the government was heavily influenced by the church. Two important people questioned the ideas and beliefs of the Puritans. Anne Hutchinson a woman who held meetings in her living room to discuss the church sermons and Roger Williams a man who had a bigger impact on Puritan society. This essay will consider both of their involvements in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and how much of an impact each one had. Anne Hutchinson was convicted for heresy for criticizing the clergymen of the church and the government's authority. Hutchinson argued in her speeches that clergymen had no spiritual authority. She also challenged the role of women in Puritan society. Hutchinson also believed in individual's intuition, the belief that the people could decide for themselves on what was important in the Bible. For these reasons she was accused of antinomianism by her opponents.
             Anne Hutchinson was considered a threat by the church and government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her sermons against the authority of them that were beginning to gain popularity among the people of the MBC. Her sermons were the reason the colony's leaders believed her to be undermining the authority of the church and colony's leaders. However, what seemed to be even more of a threat to the leaders was that it was a woman who help the views she had. I believe she was indeed a threat to the Puritan society and culture because her views were seen as blasphemy for her time, however I don't believe that she would have been as big a threat had she been a man with the same views for the reason that Puritan culture strongly believed that women lacked the power to be intelligent.
             During the time of Hutchinson and in an almost similar manner, Roger Williams a clergyman who believed in the idea of religious freedom was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his religious beliefs and new ideas about politics.

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