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Anne Hutchinson 1

            Anne Hutchinson came to America as a Puritan seeking to find a place where she could worship freely, but after arriving she found that the Massachusetts Bay Colony religious rules were very narrow minded. So, she had brought her own ideas from England, but those ideas quickly landed her in trouble. In this paper I will review who Anne Hutchinson is, what she had done, the threat she imposed to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and how the trial was an ordeal for her and the community.
             Anne was a wife, mother, and a religious leader. "She was the daughter of a clergyman, who had been imprisoned twice for his religious unorthodoxy. Anne had married a businessman named William in 1612 and had given birth to fourteen children- (AP, p.32). She was a woman who was admired. She believed in the rights for an individual to have freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom to worship. Anne was a woman who when was confronted with hard times, refused to betray ideals or ethics, no matter what the cost. "Her views were simply those of an educated individual with a healthy attitude towards a Church she wished to actively participate in and help flourish- (annehutchinson.com). It's hard to imagine how and what it was like living under Puritan rule in the newly established American colonies. I can't imagine being a woman in that part of history because the women basically weren't allowed to think for themselves.
             In the beginning, "the majority of the early settlers of Pennsylvania were Friends (Quakers) in search of religious freedom. The American colonies represented for thousands of English men and women a chance to make significant changes in their .
             page 2.
             lives- (AP, p. 30). In 1630, the Puritans settled and conquered the colony of Massachusetts Bay. The basic characteristics of the Puritans were:.
             1. They believed Massachusetts Bay should be a "city upon a hill-.
             2. They believed in the covenant of grace.

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