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America and State Succession

            Should countries be able to break away from their state to form their own? Secessionists across the country are rising up to do so. The government has denied their movements multiple times. It's time for them to face this issue and approve these movements. The county's opinions aren't being heard, they are in disagreement with the changes in beliefs and laws, and secession has been occurring since the United States was formed. Why stop now?.
             Joey Beuer of Colorado answered with this when asked why they should be able to secede: "Because we are not getting heard." It's as simple as that. Everyone has a say in the government, correct? But these people are not being able to speak out for what they believe in among the state, they're always getting pushed aside. At Rice University, this is happening. To try to prevent this, they formed an Electoral College system, just so that the government doesn't forget rural people. What's the best way to solve this issue? Break away from the state so where everyone can be heard and everyone can be in agreement with the system and it's beliefs.
             Many states have changed in many ways over the past decades. Many people who have lived there their whole lives aren't very happy with the changes that their states have been making. Although, there's nothing they can do but just sit and watch because they're not being heard. Whenever they do try to make a movement and secede, they government denies them. For example, commissioner of the League of Women Voters said, "Something's changed in the last decade, Colorado we grew up in, the Colorado we love, has changed." These people as well are stuck. They're trying to fight for what they believer in, but it's useless. They don't get heard.
             Secession has been with the United States since 1776, when the colony of Delaware broke from Pennsylvania. Maine was once part of Massachusetts, and Tennessee was a breakaway from North Carolina.

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