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Civil War

             Carmical HIST 231- December 4, 2000 There were many causes for the American civil war. Some causes were underlying and some were immediate but all were vital in the cause for the American civil war. The differences in the lifestyles between the north and the south were an underlying cause. The south had an economy that was based almost entirely on agriculture. The north on the other hand was an economy almost solely dependent on industry and commercialism. This caused tension between the two sides on many different occasions. Another underlying cause of the American civil war was the different places people lived. People from the north lived predominantly in cities and people from the south lived mainly in rural areas. Each side favored a government that would benefit their lifestyle the most. Another underlying cause of the American civil war was the kinds of labor each side used. The north used free labor in which the workers were not considered property of the owner or boss. The south used slave labor in which employees were not paid or for that matter considered employees, they were considered property of the plantation owner with no rights as a human. The north opposed the slave labor in the south saying that it was inhumane and that it would be impossible for the north to compete with the south due to labor costs. Another underlying cause of the American civil war was the argument over weather or not to place a tariff on imported goods. The south opposed the protective tariff because they believed that the south should not have to pay a tariff because they were uninterested in protecting the industry in which they did not use in the south. They believed that a tariff should only be used to generate revenue not to cost them money. The north believed that a protective tariff would be necessary in order to protect and ensure the growth of small industries in the north. Another underlying cause of the American civil war is the argument over who should control internal improvements the states or the federal government.

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