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Pyramid Architecture and Construction

            One of the greatest architectural achievements would have to be the construction of pyramids. The prospect of building a pyramid today is now less daunting than back when the Egyptians undertook the challenge. The ingenuity required to accomplish such a feat back then is just astonishing, and there are several resources that give an account of how exactly the Egyptians succeeded. While there are many topics I could have researched about regarding pyramid construction, I chose to research both the history behind pyramids, and the means by which the Egyptians moved the stone blocks in to place, especially as the pyramid got taller. More specifically, I will be focusing on the first Egyptian pyramid, and the .
             Great Pyramids at Giza.
             The first source that I found is a book that gives a detailed account of both the Djoser's pyramid (the first Egyptian pyramid), and the Great Pyramids at Giza. Djoser's pyramid was the first pyramid of its kind and was engineered by Imhotep, the first recorded architect. Both Egyptian Pyramids and Art History, describe Djoser's pyramid as a six step step-pyramid with the burial chamber laying under the pyramid. They both also note that a life size statue of Djoser was found inside the tomb chamber. One piece of information that I found in Egyptian Pyramids that I did not find in Art History was the idea of the complex being a model of the royal palace, so that Djoser could live as a king even after death. However, Art History details the fact that the project evolved from constructing a mastaba, to building a pyramid, while Egyptian Pyramid does not.
             In regard to the Great Pyramids at Giza, both Egyptian Pyramids and Art History associate the Great Pyramids with their .
             respective kings, in which the largest pyramid belonged to Khufu, the center pyramid belonged to Khafre, and the smallest pyramid belonged to Menkaure. They also both give details about the Great Sphinx, the rock structure with the body of a .

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