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The Pyramids

            The Pyramids of Egypt have held a certain aura of mystery around them for hundreds of years. The questions that many people ask are "Who built them and why are they here. How did such a primitive civilization accomplish such an incredible feat?- These questions have been debated by Egyptologists (one who studies the culture and artifacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization) and historians for decades. One popular belief is that the pyramids were built by the Egyptians using the simple machines that they had invented by that time. This is proven by Imotep's brilliance of organization. The huge amounts of people available to build the pyramids also contributed. The hieroglyphs on stones that scientists have found and translated add to the evidence. Of course there are the ways that the Egyptians could have used the machines that they had to build structures. It is obvious that the Egyptians could have built these and there is much evidence to support this.
             Egyptian pyramids are considered to be wonders of the ancient world and are spectacular to see. The largest of these pyramids was build by the Pharaoh Cheops in 2575 BC. This great pyramid contained six and a quarter million tons of stone. It was 480 feet high before the apex stones were lost. Each side of the square base was 760 feet, with a mathematical error of about 0.03 per cent. Each block of limestone weighed about two and a half tons. The joint in-between each block was exactly one-fifteenth of an inch. In order to achieve such precision there must have been both advanced mechanical and mathematical processes at the time. .
             The magnitude of a pyramid is so large that it is considered to be one of the greatest accomplishments in human history. The importance of the construction extends to the means in which the pyramid was built. The blocks of stone would be brought from the quarry by barge at the height of the Nile flood, but they had to be maneuvered at both ends of the journey.

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