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            The Pyramids of Egypt are the only remaining structures of the seven wonders of the Ancient world. There are many mysteries surrounding these great works of art. Some of the questions surrounding the Pyramids of Egypt are; how were they built? How long did it take to build the pyramids? And most importantly who built them? Upon reading this paper, some of those questions should be answered. Many experts" opinions from the fields of ancient history, archaeology, and Egyptologist are expressed in this paper. .
             The Ancient Pyramids were built in Giza along the Nile River. The first Pyramid was built around 2600 B.C. According to historian Keith Mayes, "the first pyramid was built as a worship place for the pharaohs." Later pyramids were built not only as a worship place but also as a tomb for the pharaohs. The precision displayed by the builders of the pyramids is remarkable. For example, every pyramid that has been found in Giza was built at the same fifty-two degree angle. The four corners of the pyramid point to the four direction marks on a compass. Therefore, every pyramid sits facing the same direction. Some "New Age" Egyptologist believes that the builders of the pyramids were very sophisticated and technologically superior beings. Lehner questioned weather the Egyptians had divine or super intelligent inspirations. .
             He spent many years in Egypt studying the pyramids. Lehner said; "they weren't the ones that we find" Its the families, tools and bakeries that are found that suggest common citizens built the pyramids. The style in which the pyramids were built is also impressive. The greatest pyramid to have been found is the Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu. The construction of the Pyramid of Cheops began around 2550 B.C. under the order of King Khufu. The Pyramid of Cheops stands 450 feet tall and is constructed by over two million blocks of stone. The stones vary in weight from 2.

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