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Managing Time and Tides

             'Time and Tide waits for no man!" Do you feel that time passes by too quickly? 'I have no time" These sentence have after been uttered by everyone now and then. Most of us would agree that time passes by so quickly that in the blink of an eye, the day has come to an end with ranicaly nothing accomplished. The fact is with the 24 hours it is up to us on how we can manage that 24 hours. Personally I feel that time is passing by comfortably, most of the people who heard this would most likely disagree with me. Time is often seen to dictate and retrict what needs to be done. Time is thus like Hitler, dominating and controlling over actions. However this need not be the case if we can manage our time leading us to win the fight against Time. Therefore, I do not agree that time passes by too quickly.
             Time does not pass by too quickly because I plan out my time properly, I practise time management. My aim objective when I practise time management is to make sure that the amount of work to be completed is met. For example, I would set aside 5 hours for my work each. This is because I look at the difficulty of the work, the requirement of the work and also the amount of work given by the teacher. This is to make sure that I fully use the 5 hours. I will not be interrupted by distractions like phone calls, whatsapp messages or even replying to emails. In the event that I do not have enough time, I will be willing to sacrifice my personal time which I use for gaming just to complete my work. This is necessary so that I can adhere to the time of finishing the work or task that was given today.
             Another thing I would do is that I will make sure that sufficient time is set aside for each task in hand. The main objective in doing this is to ensure that time set must be worthwhile and the objectives of the task on hand fulfilled. Certain people might even say that time passes by too slowly as there is excess time on their hand.

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