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Depression, Fitting In and Making Changes

            Everyday goes by and I regret taking that first step into depression. I'm not asking for attention by saying I used to cut, what I want is to make a change. Surveys show that three to five percent of teens experience depression in their life. Most teens that have depression, or are suffering from depression, call themselves emo; a name that represents those who cut. Cutting is the worst thing that you could do to your body! Seeing kids and teens who cut and focus on the bad things in their life not only hurts me, but their families. Imagine being the mother or father and seeing your daughter or son take their own lives. Try to picture what it would be like without your sister or your brother in your life. Too many people have looked to suicide as an answer! That's outrageous! Do you absolutely think that taking your own life will make everything better? Taking your own life will make it worse not only for your family, but your friends. People who usually cut, tend to see it as a way to vent out all the stress, pain, et cetera. I know this because I used to do so myself. Thinking that my life is a mess and nobody needs me here, only made it worse. Depression is the worst in teen girls, thinking that they aren't pretty, or they don't fit in and reject any compliments given. Depression seems like a never-ending road that you feel is taking you nowhere in life. You have to fight through the depression. Understanding what you want to do about ending your depression starts here, right this very second. .
             So many people think that emo's are people that don't fit in because of what they wear, act, or say. You can't judge a book by its cover, too many people don't understand what depression is like until they go through it themselves. I can't emphasize how depression will change your life in an instant. In the midst of depression, things like cutting or starving yourself, is self-brought. People might think that cutting relieves the pain, when you are bringing more and more stress onto yourself.

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