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Creative Analysis - The Shawshank Redemption

            The film Shawshank Redemption directed by Frank Darabont used many techniques such as lighting, colour and camera shots to show the main theme of Andy's ability to hope. Lighting played a significant role in showing where hope was present and absent. The only lighting shown inside the prison was natural light from the windows. When Andy enters the prison he is the only person holding hope and determination. Thus director always showed him in areas of bright light in contrast to Red who was shown in dark muted areas. This is because Red had become institutionalized and his only way of retaining hope was through Andy. For example when the prisoners were tarring the roof, the lighting was bright and the weather was sunny. This represented liberty and happiness. The lighting in this scene showed Andy's ability to hope, as Andy' hope proved successful by winning beers, disproving Red's belief that "Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane" and this inspiration was shown by the golden haze representing hope. Since Andy was in bright light, director suggests us that he was able to pass hope to Red. As the film progressed Director slowly started to show him from darkness to light indicating that Red has started to regain hope. This was clear by the end of movie as he says "I hope the pacific is as blue as in my dreams, I hope, I hope." Hence lighting showed the Andy's remarkable power of hope and it's impact on other characters such as Red.
             Similarly contrasting color schemes between the prison and the 'real' world showed Andy's ability to hope. The cold, dark grey colors of Shawshank prison compared to the brightness of the blue Pacific Ocean highlighted that hope is a good thing. Later Andy Dufresne was always subtly lit, while other prisoners were shown in darkness. This was done to show us the theme that hope makes a man happy (which Andy retained throughout the film) and can bring peace even in the bleakest places.

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