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Causes of the Fall of the Mycenaean Empire

             The Mycenaean empire was one of the strongest empires during the period between 1600 and 1100 BC but later came to collapse in 1200 BC.The reasons for the collapse are a combination of many arguments and none of the arguments could stand on its own to be defined as the only reason for the collapse of the empire. The reasons for the collapse were a combination of many factors that incorporated among them internal conflicts among the members of the Mycenaean society due to ethnic and social divisions and this is viewed as a reason that played a major role in the decline. Other reasons included raids from external communities and states, climatic changes and natural calamities.
             Mycenaean empire, also known as the Mycenaean Greece, is the last phase of the use of bronze metal during the Bronze Age period. The empire existed between 1600-1100 BC and was experienced on various sites including Pylos in Messenia, Thebes in Boeotia and Iolkos in Thessaly and other major sites. The empire emerged in the 1600 BC when the Minoan Crete influenced the changes and transformations of the Helladic culture. The empire was based in Mycenae in Argolis; the southern part of Greece hence the name Mycenaean empire. The Mycenaean were the first people to speak the Greek language and they arrived in Greece in 1600 BC.
             During the times of its influence, it was very powerful and was superior to all the other empires that neighbored it. Mycenaen empire remainedto be one of the greatest civilization centers with the most powerful and strongest military base in the second millennium BC and experienced the climax of its supremacy in the 1350 BC when it had a total human population of 30000 occupying 32 acres of land of the lower town and citadel .The people of the empire engaged in trade that yielded a lot of revenue to the empire making it very powerful. .
             They were very vigorous and active in the trading activities that saw the government prosper and meet its intended objectives.

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