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Photosynthesis of Plant Pigments from Light Energy

             Light is energy in the form of visible light radiation. The visible spectrum can be broken down into individual parts of different wavelengths knows to human beings as colors. As it is known, light is one of the primary materials needed for successful photosynthesis in plants.
             In photosynthesis, the primary energy production system for autotrophic organisms, many chemical reactions occur in order to construct the storage units for glucose and fuel synthesis. These reactions provide the backbone on which all ecosystems and food webs are based upon. Photosynthesis requires several raw materials in order to function. These include an external energy source (sunlight), carbon dioxide, and water. Photosynthesis processes start with the absorption of sunlight for the breakdown of producing the constituent parts of water, hydrogen and oxygen, where molecular oxygen O2 is eliminated as a water gas. The hydrogen reacts with carbon dioxide. The resulting product is sugar, which is stored for further usage by the plant as fuel for the growth process requiring respiration.
             Unfortunately, not all colors of the visible light spectrum may be absorbed for maximum effect on photosynthesis. In the experiment, the idea that "different colored lights may affect the photosynthesis process" was tested. The hypothesis to the experiment states that when plant chloroplasts are exposed to different light wavelengths, the absorption rate remains unchanged. This is directly affected by the different types of pigments available in chloroplasts. It is known that different types of pigments absorb certain wavelengths of light extremely well. This experiment also tested each pigment for absorption capabilities in order to match the different wavelengths absorbed. Concluding the hypothesis, there is no difference in absorption capabilities of the different pigments and chlorophyll present within the chloroplast.

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