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The Indigenous Peoples of Amazonia

            This video shows us challenges and issues that these indigenous peoples face from day to day. We learn about the poverty and well-being that they live in. We see how they are out casted from the outside world and the many attempts to pacify these vulnerable societies. We also learn about the work of Erwin Patzelt, the Fillas Boas brothers, and also the impact of the Christian missionaries. We learned an extensive amount of information pertaining to the tribes in the Xingu region and as well as the indigenous peoples of the upper Amazon. .
             In my opinion, this film gave us a very informative summary of the history of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Known as nomadic tribes, they live by hunting, fishing, and gathering. To me it was a surprise that they also receive help from the government. The Huaorani tribe is known as warriors because they have a reputation that has always struck fear into anyone daring to trespass on their territory. There is one Amazonian tribe, known as the Tagaeri, which refuses any contact with the outside world and even now keep themselves isolated. An incident occurred in 1987 with two missionaries who crossed into their territory and thus their bodies were later found pierced by several spears. .
             We were also given much insight into the challenges that these people are facing in the Xingu region. Erwin Patzlet made many attempts to contact a village of the Tagaeri. He eventually succeeded and even convinced the Kapayeri tribe to migrate to territory that was specifically set aside by the government. Many of these tribes fear outside visitors. These tribes acknowledge in the video that they notice outsiders taking photos, and conducting studies about them, but they have not seen any such studies about them. They stated that these outsiders are only seeing the beautiful aspects of their culture but not what they want to see which are the challenges and problems that these tribes face every day.

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