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Movie Review - A Room With a View

            A Room with a View tells a story that Lucy arrives in Italy with her companion Miss. They feel disappointed at not getting the room with a view they had been promised in an inn. However, Mr. Emerson and his son George who stay in the same inn, offer to switch rooms with Lucy, and then Lucy have a room with a view. Later, out in the countryside, George impetuously kisses Lucy, and Miss Bartlett, horrified, brings her back to England. Then, Lucy is engaged to Cecil, who wants her only for an ornament. The Emerson's move into a cottage near Lucy's home. Lucy does her best to resist her attraction to George, but ultimately breaks the engagement to Cecil, marries George, and returns with him to the room with a view.
             The beautiful scenery in Florence impresses me a lot in the movie. When Lucy looks out through windows, there is a beautiful orange dome, which attracts my attention a lot. That is Cattedrale di Santa Marie del Fiore, located in the center of Florence City. The Cattedrale is the landmark of Florence, built in 1436, represents the highest artistic achievement in that period. In another scene, when Lucy encounters a violent conflict on a square, George protects and companies her tenderly, which stands for the beginning of their love story. In the center of the square, there is an attractive marble statue David, which is a copy work of the famous artist, Michelangelo, during the Renaissance. Besides, the square is Piazzale Michelangelo. Standing on it, we can enjoy a panoramic view of Florence. Through Lucy's eyes, I am wholly absorbed in the exotic spectacular scenery.
             Clothing in the movie is full of Victorian characteristics. Costumes are usually luxurious and gorgeous. Lace, scallop, bowknots, standing collars are widely used on people's clothes in the movie. In my opinion, this kind of wearing creates an atmosphere of fairy tales. Lucy is like the princess, George is like the prince.

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