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12 Angry Men

            The movie "Twelve Angry Men" is a clear example of the consensus value found in the Social Change Model of Leadership. In the movie, twelve men of various backgrounds and preconceptions entered a jury room to decide the fate of a young man accused of murdering his father. They must decide unanimously, to find the accused youth guilty or not guilty. There is no democracy, or majority rule, the opinions of all must come together to form one unchangeable answer.
             Although the form of consensus found in this film is not voluntary, but ordered by a court, the benefit of making a unanimous decision is clearly seen. All voices are heard, every view counts and evidence is presented and represented so the men can view it in different lights.
             Each character in the film contributed toward the final consensus. While some characters portrayed the core traits needed to arrive at decision by consensus, including civility and consciousness of self, others depicted challenges, like prejudice and ignorance, which often arise when using the consensus decision-making method.
             From the first vote in the deliberation room, the Architect, played by Henry Fonda, clearly possesses strong values he wants to provide the accused with a fair trial and promotes the discussion of the evidence presented. He almost immediately emerges as the key that unlocks the closed minds of his fellow jurors. He challenges them to think of the "possibility" of innocence instead of the automatic presumption of guilt. .
             The remaining eleven jurors all uniquely contribute to the collaborative effort. While some depict the benefits of having an open mind, others portray the obstacles presented when dealing with people of different mindsets (biases included).
             The first to change his mind and decide to review the evidence more thoroughly is the old man. He agrees the best thing to do is to discuss the case and gain the insight of the others.

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