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12 angry men

            The film "12 Angry Men" provides an in-depth view of the various stages of team development, breaking down each stage and revealing the intricacies and difficulties of uniting persons from various walk of life into a team. .
             This group of men were established to deliberate on a young mans fate. Juror one definied the intial assignment when he sat the other jurors around the table according to their numbers. This gave juror one the leadershitp role when it comes to getting order among them. Henry Fonda was the only juror that understood or even cared about the braod scope and objective of this appointed project. Eleven of the men were convinced of the convicts guilt. This could have been because these eleven men just wanted this case to be over. Fonda, who was juror number eight, was not ready to send this boy to the electric chair so fast. Sparking the initial conflict in conversation now gives him the leadership role. Now the eleven men had to give Fonda a chance to speak and intern they had to listen. This is the point where the group moved into the storming stage.
             Due to the disappointment of the initial vote and the disagreement between the team members, the group was finding it difficlut to listen to one another. Some of the distractions cuasing this were the heat, a baseball game, prejudices, and bigotry. The jurors were all anxious to be out of this team and now that there is disagreement it is obvious that this case is not going to be solved quickly, which upset some of the members. Another problem with the group is that as the characters begin to discuss their views of the case, they also reveal personal information that influenced their opinios in relation to the case. During this storming stage the group still has not come up with ways to handle their problmes. Since this is the first time that conflict has arisen the room breaks out in complete pandemonium. The conflict between jurors is very intense and is well depicted as outbursts of anger that doincide with the thunderstorm that is raging outside.

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