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12 Angry Men

            Having this movie, 12 Angry Men, being made in the late 1950's, women were not allowed to serve as jurors in the courtroom. Therefore, another good name for this movie could have easily been 12 Stubborn Men. With a woman having served as a juror with 11 other men could have definitely changed the outlook on how the deliberation process could have finalized not so much easier, but different. .
             In my opinion, a woman sitting as a juror could have calmed the scene in the deliberation room. Most of these men seemed as though if a woman were around, their attitudes could have changed quite a bit. During that time period, most men treated a lady with a good amount of respect. Therefore, when a woman reacting to a bloody murder case, I cannot see any of those men reacting the way they did throughout the movie towards the other men. The stubborn juror, who had not seen his kid in many years and yelled constantly, would have never yelled at a lady in the kind of manner he did to the men. In conclusion, having a woman on the jury could have possibly sped up the decision.
             A woman's reaction to the evidence would have easily persuaded her decision of the boy being innocent or guilty. Supposedly, the boy lost his knife because of a hole in his pocket. When I was a kid, I can remember my mother buying new pairs of pants constantly because of the many times I would ruin them playing outside. Imagining myself growing up in the slums would be .
             extremely difficult. However, if I had to put myself in that position, I imagine that I would have been outside for the majority of my time playing outside and not having enough money to fix my pants. Therefore, a mother's reaction to that part of evidence could have influenced some men because of her explanation of being a mom and taking care in that part of a child's life. .
             Perhaps, a woman's response to that exact same knife would have definitely freaked her out.

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