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12 Angry Men

             The movie 12 Angry Men intensely illustrates the trial by jury process that we use in our judicial systems in the United States. Through out the movie we learn that all of our characters come from different types of backgrounds. They range from men growing up in the slums to successful business types, also throwing in the average middle class Americans. This shows how diverse our process for picking juror members is. .
             The defendant has been charge with pre-meditated murder. If he is found unanimously guilty he will be sentence to death by the electric chair. We find out that the man that was murdered was his father. After the trial the juror take off to deliberate. Juror number 1 is chosen foremen of the group. His job is to tally the votes and make sure that the process of deciding the verdict goes orderly. The vote is held and it is 11 guilty and one not guilty, though some of the men looked hesitant to vote that way. Juror number 8 has voted not guilty because of reasonable doubt in his mind. Though this upsets a couple of the jurors, number 8 stands by his decision. Each juror gives his reason for voting guilty, and they replies range from passive to logical. Juror number 8 tells his reason of doubt. He brings up a piece of evidence that was used to prove the defendant guilty. The lawyer said that the knife used in the murder was a unique and it was unlikely that anyone else would have the same one, but number 8 pulls out an identical one and tells the jury that it is an easy knife to buy. Now juror number 8 says that they can vote again and at this point if no one else has reasonable doubt then he will vote guilty and they can all be done with the trial. The second vote is cast and the results are 10 to 2. At this point in the movie reason and fact take over the room and the jurors begin to use their own minds to decide weather all of the facts laid down by the prosecutor were true.

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