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Jean Baptiste Lully - French Composer

            Jean Baptize Lully was a French composer, Instrumentalist and a dancer who worked for the most part of his life in Louis XIV's court in France. He was born in Italy in 1632 to a millers' family. He was known as the expert of French Baroque style. It was in 1661 when he became a subject to the France government and he disavowed any influence of Italian music in the French music of that era. In Italy, he was born in Florence, and the base of his musical training and general education are not yet certain. He said that he got his early music lessons from some Franciscan friar who also taught him how to play a guitar. He also learned the art of playing a violin. It was in 1646 when he got attention from Roger de Lorrraine, who was the son of a Duke of guise. Lully was dressed up as Harlequin and was amusing the bystanders when he was noticed by the Duke's son. Roger needed someone for talking to his niece in Italian. Guise took him to Paris when he was 14 and there he entered into Mademoiselle's service. He served as a chamber boy to her during 1647 to 1652. He may have very well polished his musical skills by working with the household musicians of Mademoiselle and with the composers such as Francois Roberday, Nicolas Gigault and Niocolas Metru. His talent with the violin and guitar, and his talent in dancing made him won nicknames such as, "Le Grand baladin," and Baptise [CITATION unt14 l 1033 ]. .
             During the rebellion of Fronde, he begged for his life because he wanted to stay in this country and was granted this request from the princess. In 1653 after he was started being liked by Louis XIV, he was made the Royal composer for the purpose of making instrumental music. His instrumental music and vocals for the court ballet eventually made him quite indispensable. When Louis XIV came to power in 1661, Lully was made the music master and the superintendent of music for the Royal family.

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