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History Of Ballet

            "Ballet is a universe of the imagination, a place of magic and enchantment, beauty and romance."" They incorporate poetry, painting, music, and dancing to create elegant and lavish entertainments. .
             "Ballet is sight, sound, and motion, the theatrical form that can tell a story without words or convey moods and emotions through music and movement."" As one of the youngest performing arts and one of the most admired, the ballet has been best known for the emotions impacted on audiences throughout the world for over 400 years. Some can create goose bumps all over your body while others send chills up and down your spine. There are some that can leave you sobbing or sometimes even hysterically laughing.
             "To dance is to step out on the great stages of the world a carpet of music spread under you each night, to flash and soar to ride violins and trumpets to feel the magic work."" As perhaps the oldest art form, dance has been understood to have originated from the point in time before sapiens was a species. Actions, such as dancing, were used as a means of communication. They were utilized to share thoughts, emotions, stories, and to entertain.
             "On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined."" Dancing had also been used to celebrate religious holidays, posses magical properties and used in rituals such as those dealing with sacrifice, birth and death. The first account of dancing known to man came from the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, India, the Americas, Africa, and Australia. True dance forms first appeared in India at around 6000 B.C. As a matter of fact, there is even a "Lord of the Dance- in the Hindu religion known as Nataraja who has multiple arms and balances on one leg.
             During the time of the First Dynasty of Egypt, about 3000 years later, Egyptians paintings showed different types of dance movements (or body language), musicians, and dancers. It has also been proven that Australians, the American natives and Africans danced for spiritual reasons and for entertainment purposes.

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