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10 Mary Street and Feliks Skryznecki

            Due to the complex and abstract nature of the concept of belonging, a true sense of belonging can be found in different circumstances for a variety of people. As each individual has their own desires, needs, and values, they find their place in society to gain a genuine sense of belonging. These individuals may attain the same sense of belonging by outside relationships, though their connections via place and culture, or within themselves. Peter Skrzynecki's poems, "10 Mary Street," and, "Feliks Skrzynecki," are two texts exploring belonging and different meanings through language techniques.
             Many individuals find the strongest sense of belonging through relationships, due to the fact that by nature these connections fulfill the human need for social interaction and improve the lives of the persons involved. Skrzynecki's poem, "Feliks Skrzynecki," explores the concept of belonging. It highlights that man has the choice to include himself in a community, or to live in isolation. Through the cultural independence of his father, the poet underlines man's choice in whether he belongs or not. The garden, "loved like an only child," is a symbol for Poland, the homeland of the persona's father. His powerful, almost familial, kinship with his homeland shows his choice to not accept Australian culture, but instead to seek comfort in his own world. This attachment, as the audience is told that the poet's father has, "swept its [the garden's] paths ten times around the world." Such a hyperbole emphasizes Feliks' strong connection with his garden, the only place he truly belongs.
             "10 Mary Street," provides its readers with insight into the concept of familial bonds, and our instinctive choice to belong. Through the simile, "I'd ravage the backyard garden like a hungry bird," Skrzynecki compares himself to a fledgling bird safe in the security of his nest. With another simile, "rows of sweet corn: tended roses and camellias, loved like adopted children,"  hyperbolically emphasizes the strong connection felt by his parents; a sense of their strong belonging to their 10 Mary Street residence.

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