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The Evolution of Technology and the Loss of Privacy

            Is the evolution of technology destroying our privacy? Through the course of my life, I always believed that every individual should be entitled to their right of privacy, that people should have parameters in which they are left alone, unbothered, or not observed by either government or their fellow citizens. But, inventions such as smartphones- where a person's activity can be recorded from far distance, drones, and other surveillance methods have made that belief a farfetched dream. Now a days, everything that we do from surfing on the internet or talking to someone over the phone are either being surveyed by either the government or someone with the worst intension. The following paragraphs mentions the positive and the negative of side of a record being made of our activity, and how those information can be used against us.
             The article "A Black Box for Crashes" by Jaclyn trop focuses on the implantations of the device known as the black box. The Black box device which records our car activity such as how much speed was a person going on before an accident occurs or whether the person had a seat belt on. The positive effect of implanting those devices are that it can help in a long impending cases; Cases that are being over stretched due to lack of evidences. It can also help those who are falsely accused and end up paying a big amount to cover up the damages done to someone else's by someone else. For example, the court can just collect data from black box such as the speed of a car, or whether all safety measures were taken. An accident on a remote area without any witnesses present may be very difficult to reconstruct and it is possible to be put on trial even if you did not cause the accident. With a car black box, that cannot happen. Another positive affect of the black box is that it can help parents monitor their children's driving habit and driving activates through a computer.

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