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Personal Narrative - A Book That Binds

            I grew up as a normal little girl embarking on her life journey. It all began in Ohio where I was born. My sister watched attentively waiting for her baby sister and future best friend to be born. When the doctor handed me over to my sister, she held me tight in her arms telling me that she loved me and gently whispered in my ear that I was beautiful. I smiled back, thrilled to know she was going to be my best friend. .
             ┬áMy journey continued as we moved to Michigan, away from all of our family. My parents had bought a small lake house that would soon become my home. Danielle, my sister, and I spent countless hours together playing games, watching movies, playing outside, but most of all enjoying each other's presence. Before bed each night, we put our matching pajamas on together and went into the bathroom to brush our teeth. I was too young to do it by myself so she usually helped along side my mom. We rinsed our toothbrushes off in the sink, put them in our drawers and ran to our bedroom. Danielle usually beat me because she was older but once in a while I would win. Mom followed closely behind us to make sure we got in bed on time. Before I got in bed, I kissed my hamster Misty goodnight. I grabbed my favorite stuffed animal cow Snowy, and made him tag along. Danielle would sit next to me in bed with her Pooh Bear and wait till I climbed in next to her. Mom shortly came in the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Danielle and I had a book collection that sat on the self across the room. We alternated picking books that mom would read to us each night before we fell asleep. Tonight was my pick. I told mom I wanted her to read us Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. Over the years, this became my favorite book. Mom would read slowly and softly emphasizing each and every word. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." I could feel myself drift off into a deep sleep.

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