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Colonists Dying in Jamestown

            Did so many Colonists die in Jamestown, also why? This is what we will be discussing in this essay. Jamestown was a town in May of 1607. It was located on the bay of Virginia.It was the first English Colony that had a population of 110 Englishmen. Early Jamestown was not a successful town even they had survived many tragedies, they still had other things that made it non successful. So, why did so many colonists die? Many Colonists died in early Jamestown because lack of food, brackish water, and droughts. The first reason why Jamestown colonists died was because of the lack of food/goods. According to Document D, it says, ".but it would not be enough to last the winter." What the document is saying is that what colonists were able to trade with the Patawomeke Indians, was able to help them but it was never enough. The reason why this document is evidence to why many colonist dies is because it is explaining how they were able to get something to help them get by but it was never enough to get them through winter when they could not trade because of the weather. This all lead to starvation which lead to the death of many colonists. .
             Another reason why Jamestown colonists died was because of brackish water. Brackish water was a big deal to the colonists. The reason for this is because brackish water is water that is too dirty to use. This had a big effect on the colonists because the streams had fish which could supply the colonists with food. But when the water is brackish, the fish won't be able to live and there will be no food for the colonists. This lead to a limited supply of water, and also a limited supply of food, which lead to starvation, then lead to death.
             Another reason why Jamestown colonists died was also because of droughts. Droughts were the leading thing for the lack of water and food. Droughts happened because of rainfall. Rainfall was never consistent, so it was hard for colonists to know when a drought would happen.

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