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Medical Overview - Pilondial Cysts

            A Pilonidal cyst is a growth, which occurs on the coccyx, which is the last part of the vertebral column, it has several different signs, symptoms, methods of treatment, and it affects everyone differently. When a Pilonidal cyst becomes infected it is then called a "Pilonidal abscess." The cyst is like a big pimple under your skin, right above the crack of your buttocks. The cyst often contains hair and skin debris inside of it. There has been a lot of confusion and debate on where Pilonidal cysts come from. It was once referred to as the, "jeep disease," during World War 2 (Jailman, Debra, Page 1). It was more than 80,000 soldiers who became diagnosed with Pilonidal cysts, and it was called the. "jeep disease," because many of the men rode in jeeps, whose rides were bumpy for long periods of time. .
             People are more prone to Pilonidal cysts, if you do not clean the buttock area, or if you have a lot of hair in this area. Having a history of Pilonidal cysts in your family could increase your chances of getting them. Trauma to the saccrococcygeal area could make an already existing cyst worst in some cases. It has also been said, the result of the stretching of deep skin, causes hair follicles to rupture, which then forms a cyst. Tight clothing, a lot of pressure, skin rubbing against skin, and many other things can also force hair down into the skin causing an infection. In some cases, newborn babies are born with a small depression dimple, right above the crease of the buttocks. This area is called a sacral dimple, and it is prone to infections, which often will turn into a Pilonidal abscess. Pilonidal cysts are more common in men than women, so being a male is another risk factor. The cysts occur up to the third decade of life, and are sometimes seen in women around the age of nineteen. You are more susceptible to developing Pilonidal cysts if you have poor hygiene, if you are very hairy, obese, and if you do not excerise to stay in shape.

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