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Argument of Definition - Marriage

            The definition of marriage varies according to different customs and backgrounds. There are several reasons which includes legal, financial, and religious purposes. Through marriage two individuals are joined together as one which is recognized in both traditional and nontraditional forms. A traditional marriage is one that takes place between a man and women. It is monogamous, meaning that there can only be one partner at a given time. Most recently is the case that same sex couples have the right to marry as well. Although this kind of marriage is between two people, it falls into the category of nontraditional forms. Polygamy refers to having multiple relationships. To better understand this concept, one must examine the different kinds of definitions to make a definition argument. Polygamous couples should not have the legal privileges of marriage because it would create conflict within the governmental system, it denies the sanctity of a long-lasting marriage, and it opens up too many people to abuse. .
             There are three types of definitions: formal, operational, and definition by example. Formal definitions are commonly found in the dictionary. According to the Oxford Dictionary, marriage is defined as "the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (or, in some jurisdictions, two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship." Operational definitions specify something by what it exactly does or by what conditions are responsible for creating it. So in order for a marriage to be valid it must be acknowledged as a legal marriage, common-law marriage, religious marriage, or a civil marriage. Definition by example defines a class by listing its individual members. For instance, one might define marriage by examining the marriages of his parents, family members, or closest friends. .
             There are many problems that can arise within the government from having multiple spouses.

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