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A Gay Man's Case Against Gay Marriage

            In the beginning of Michael Bronski's commentary "A Gay Man's Case Against Gay Marriage," he explains that argument against marriage is the best argument against same-sex marriage (Bronski, 688). Being a gay activist himself, Bronski states that he sees the fight for same-sex marriage as beside the point. Throughout the rest of the commentary he uses several arguments and examples to explain why he believes the argument for same-sex marriage as irrelevant and unnecessary. The main idea of Michael Bronchi's commentary is to explain why the fight for same-sex marriage is pointless and he does this through showcasing his own opinions. One opinion Bronski makes clear is that he supports marriage between lesbians and gay men, but also states that he does not understand why they want to get married. He acknowledges all the issues that can come along with marriage such as divorce, spouse and child abuse, and adultery, only further proving why the fight is useless. However, Bronski also states that for gay marriage activists, "marriage carries the gold seal of approval," and that no matter how fruitful or loving a relationship is between a lesbian or gay couple, "they are, by definition, not as good as marriage" in their eyes (Bronski, 688). Later in his commentary he addresses how some gay-marriage activists say marriage between two gay men or lesbians will make them more "civilized" and act more responsibly towards each other. Bronski believes this is complete nonsense and states that marriage is not what makes a person or couple civilized and does not guarantee better behavior once the knot is tied. He then addresses that not only is this way of thinking ridiculous, but is completely homophobic to think that gay people do not and cannot act civil. Although there are plenty other of examples of Bronski using his opinions to portray why same-sex marriage is besides the point, these proved to be the most sufficient and persuading in his argument.

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